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At Zerock health, safety and the environment are a primary concern and we take the well being of our team and the communities we operate in very seriously. While working on any project we are committed to implementing our own Health, Safety and Enviroment (HSE) policy and to upholding those to our clients. We want our work environment to be as risk-free as possible and our impact on the environment to be minimal because we care about our team, the public and nature. Our approach is proactive and this is why our Health, Safety and Enviroment policy evolves and adapts to the unique needs of each project and site.

Zerock’s strives to:  
 . Protect the health and safety of its employees and others affected by Zerock’s operations  
 . Protect the environment and prevent pollution  
 . Use materials and energy efficiently without needless waste  
 . Manage HSE as any other critical business activity  
 . Create a culture in which zerock and contractor's employees share a commitment to HSE at all time  
 . Play a leading role in promoting the best HSE practice within the construction industry  
 . Create individual accountability for upholding HSE requirements  
 . Empower employees with the right knowledge so they start work ONLY when conditions are safe and stop work when unsafe

  • These objectives are achieved by:  
     . Ensuring compliance with acceptable standards  
     . Achieving continuous improvement in HSE performance  
     . Setting objectives and targets and measuring, appraising and publicly reporting HSE performance  
     . Requiring contractors to manage HSE in line with this policy  
     . Including HSE performance in the appraisal of all employees and rewards

    Charbel Habib